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Turning Point Productions & Promotions was founded in 2004 and is a full-service music industry management and event production agency.  We are proud to represent some of the world's most talented artists.  See our Contact Page if you are interested in booking any of our amazing talents.

The dedicated folks behind Turning Point consist of:


**Artistic Design/Content**

Having first switched on a Radio Shack TRS-80 almost 30 years ago, Scott Schultz has been hands-on computing for a quite some time.

 A true small-town, Central Illinois product, raised in Dwight and on to Illinois State University, he uploaded his first website for his family business in 1995, before the days of High-Speed and Broadband.

In 2003, after the business dissolved, he formed Schultz Media in response to local associates and friends requesting similar sites, as well as attempting to refrain from getting a "real" job.

Since that time, he has assembled an impressive client website and graphic design portfolio, including numerous local and national bands through his relationship with Turning Point.

 Scott is also currently authoring a novel, in addition to being a popular local and maintains a blog at: www.schultziesworld.com/

You can see some of Scott's design style on the current Everly Brother's Official website, as well as many of the other Turning Point sites.

To contact Scott about designing a site for your business, visit his individual business site at:





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