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Turning Point Productions & Promotions began in 2004 when when its founder relocated to rural Illinois via Hollywood California, Ireland, and the Pacific Northwest. She had a 20-year background in marketing and advertising for the likes of See's Candies corporate, Nike World Headquarters, The Los Angeles Times, The Portland Tribune, and PR work for several national and international entertainers, etc. Having a strong history of community service, being a former reserve peace officer, emergency first responder, etc, when a few local town faires were not going to happen due to disagreements among the local community organizations that usually work together to help run them, she stepped in and solely organized them, bringing concert / music events to several for the first time.

Within a year several of the local music acts then inquired about promotion and several nonprofits inquired as to fundraiser event production. In 2006 the numerous projects she formed "Turning Point Productions & Promotions" as suggested by some of the local musicians who had a now defunct garage band by the name "Turning Point" and it was felt to be appropriate as the founder was creating a "turning point" in the area for local music promotion and appreciation, in addition to the several major artists she was doing marketing and PR work for already.

Since that time Turning Point has produced many successful fundraising events for non-profits and for local venues, and brought entertainment artistry to the forefront in NW Illinois, bringing many performers together for the first time that have gone on to record together and tour nationally.

Turning Point also opened a live music venue in 2009, The Turning Point Cafe, in Mt. Carroll, Illinois, offering various genre-themed evenings of musical entertainment, CD launch parties for local artists, and music lessons.

As of 2011, Turning Point Productions & Promotions is now a joint marketing and promotions agency, with Turning Point Promotions offering marketing services, branding/graphic design, web development, PR work, and the like, with Turning Point PRODUCTIONS providing not only promotions and management for the personalities we work with long-term, but event production and management, booking, etc.

Visit our "Bands" page for sample of some of our clients, or visit our Turning Point PROMOTIONS page for marketing, website design, and graphic work inquiries and our partial client portfolio.

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