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1st Annual The Everly Brothers & Family Concert
Nashville, TN ~ Sept. 29, 2013

Many have inquired as to obtaining a DVD copy of the above concert. Please see below for details and ordering information:

The show was created, organized, produced, and funded by Turning Point Promotional and featured and was attended by many Everly Family members and fans from around the world!

There were musical performances by: EDAN DONALD EVERLY (son of Don Everly), BILL 'SPUTNIK' SPOONER (founder of The Tubes), CANDI CARPENTER (who has an album coming out co-written by Phil), BRITT RONSTADT (Linda's cousin and sound-alike), KENZIE WETZ (fiddle player for Dolly Parton and star of NBC's show "Nashville"), GREG URBATIS (stand-up bass player for Dolly Parton and several others), MARISA MCKAYE (7-year-old rising Nashville star), SETH WRIGHT (midwest multi-instrumentalist), THE ABBEYS/ EVERLY HIILLBILLIES (now former Chicago area Everly cover band), and several others, with PATTI EVERLY speaking this day on behalf of Phil, attended by ERIN EVERLY and her family, Edan Donald Everly & family, and many other Everly Family members and friends.

Of note: Phil Everly had initially intended to join us for this show but ended up stuck in recovery at his Nashville home, in isolation post attempted stem-cell transplant treatment for his COPD.

The DVDs are $25 USD + shipping to your locale.

(Please allow for shipping adjustments as PayPal cannot always calculate international mail accurately.)

For the largest Everly Brothers' gathering of fans, join us on the "Fan Forum" at: www.everlyfans.org

Thank you!

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